The Medium is the Message

The sole ways in which humans communicated in the past was orally, your sense of hearing and the use of your mouth was key. The alphabet and written language then moved our primary senses from hearing to sight. A while later the printing press even further extended our means of communications.

The realm of pop-culture is built around new technologies which greatly changes people’s views and access to the world. Marshall McLuhan brought us the concept that "the medium is the message," but what does that really mean? When I first thought about this idea, I believed that the way in which you communicate your message doesn't matter as much as the concept or the actual information that you are relaying in your message. When McLuhan states that "the median is the message" he is saying the exact opposite of what I thought was true. He believes that the message is not what matters at all, it is the ways in which you send your message to people.

Today there are countless ways to access information; you can watch a variety of TV news stations, look at social media websites, books, newspapers, blogs, radio, and so many more. But without all of these things, your message is almost useless. What is information worth if you can’t share it with others? With all the new types of communication methods, you can more readily access and share information to people anywhere in the world. 


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