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Thanks But No Tanks (Investigative Report)

As a native to the Pacific Northwest, I have learned over the years that those who call this place home are incredibly fortunate to have such vast amounts of nature and wild life. The killer whale (or Orca) has become a marine life icon in this area, they are known to be playful, intelligent and very social animals.

Decades ago the attitudes towards Orcas were very different, they were greatly feared and were thought to be violent and dangerous. The overall public knew little about the nature of these creatures, but as their name “killer” whale implies, they sound very unsafe. Because of the lack of knowledge and overwhelming fear, they were hunted and eventually taken into captivity. SeaWorld is one of the most popular Orca attractions in the world and they claim to treat their whales fairly and keep them in top health condition but even if this is true, many people feel as though keeping whales in captivity is inhumane.
Killer whale captures for exhibition purposes began in the Pacifi…

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